Garage Door Services

Garage Doors Services and Repairs

The Service team at Majestic Garage Doors are dedicated to assisting you with all your garage door service & repair requirements.

We have 20 years experience in the garage door industry.

We repair and supply parts for all makes and manufactures Sectional Doors, Tilt Doors, Roller Doors and  Garage Door automations . Majestic Garage Doors do replacement of New Garage Door Openers, Broken Springs, Broken Cables, Replacement of Hinges, New Remote Controls and Insurance Claims for damaged doors.

Regular maintenance on your garage door is necessary. We do recommend that the home owner checks the following every 6 months and has Majestic Garage Doors carry out a service every 12 months. 

Garage Door Servicing

Track Maintenance:

Clean the internal sections of the track with WD40 and a clean cloth to remove any dirt.

Steel Hinge Maintenance:

Use a White Lithium Grease spray to lubricate steel hinges. Also use this to lubricate hinge roller bearings.

Spring Maintenance:

Use a White Lithium Grease spray to spray along the length of the springs.
You should also check the following, however repair or service of these items needs to be done by a qualified Door technician.

Cable Maintenance:

Check for wear & tear and any signs of fraying or corrosion should be attended to immediately. The cables are under extreme tension and should only be adjusted by a qualified garage door technician.

Spring Tension Maintenance:

Springs do lose tension. You should manually open and close your door regularly to test spring tension. If the door is heavy the tension needs to adjusted and should only be done by a qualified door technician.Springs that are old or over tensioned can snap and leave you stuck in or out of your garage.